Dutch Dividend Bloggers – february 2021

Dutch Dividend Bloggers – february 2021

Better late than never. Since more and more visitors are from abroad, I decided to continue the Dutch Dividend Bloggers series in English. The Netherlands experienced four storms in February. And we experienced a storm as well: a hurricane of dividend hikes!

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Dividendportfolio – EUR 122 – Seven companies paid their dividends to DP. AT&T was clearly favorite with over half of the total distribution. Runner-up is AbbVie, a stock that is on my watchlist again. Growth relative to last year is a whopping 103%. This month his portfolio value surpassed the magic EUR 100k treshold. Congrats, Dividendportfolio!

Groeigeld – EUR 57 – Like many dividendinvestors the payout for Mr. Groeigeld is rather low in this month. Last year he received a superdividend from MSM. So, the negative growth of -49% is explainable. Good news came from the dividend raises. Eight companies hiked their dividend and increased the dividendincome without moving a finger.

Mooi Dividend – EUR 51,21 – Four companies contributed to MD’s path to financial freedom. Looking closer, we see the infamous AT&T and AbbVie combo as core payers here as well. It was supplemented with Synchrony Financial and Kinder Morgan. Besides four dividends MD also received four raises. NN Group was the biggest one with 5%. Ever doubted between Unilever and Nestle? Why don’t buy them both? That is exactly what Mooi Dividend did last month.

Mr. Robot – EUR 96,21 – So close to three digits! Nine companies fattened Mr. Robot’s coffers. And guess what? Again, the irresistible T + ABBV combo was responsible for most of the dividend income. Compared to last year, income dropped -6% as a consequence of changed payout calendars. So, nothing to worry about. Keep up the good work, Mr. Robot!

Veelvoorminder – EUR 113,55 – Wow, that’s an impressive result! In the remarks we read a YOY growth of 10%. Last year VVM received EU 19,29, so the numbers need to be checked. Nonetheless, Veelvoorminder had a great month with strong income from crypto lending and affiliates.

De Kleine Dividend Belegger – EUR 69,66 – Five companies have paid dividend to DKDB. The biggest sponsor was AT&T, while monthly payers AGNC and MAIN contributed nicely. The sudden pay out of ING Group was a nice surprise.

Wouters Website – EUR 26,43 – Two well-known companies, AT&T and Realty Income, generated a nice monthly income. The growth is infinite since last year WW’s dividend income was zero. We will see dramatic changes in Wouter’s portfolio as he and his wife have decided to buy a second house. That’s of course another great source of passive income. Congratulations with embarking on this new adventure!

De Kleine Kapitalist – EUR 52,47 – Six companies did exactly what they should do: sending me dividend pay checks. ING Group resumed their dividend payout unexpectedly. Thanks in part to this undervalued European bank, my growth relative to last year climbed to 94%. Besides ING, I received no less than ten mouthwatering dividend raises. In my last monthly update, I eleborated on my progression in more detail.

Conclusion: a strong dividend breeze

This month a clear favorite dividend payer emerges: its Mr. T! And what would AT&T be without AbbVie? Second place for the high yield, high growth pharma giant. If we calculate further, we see that Texas Instruments complements the podium. Third place for this close-to-perfect dividend growth stock.

In total, we received EUR 602,98 in dividends. In comparison to last year we experience an annoying 2% decrease. Looking in more detail, we see Unilever and Simon Property are missing since these companies have changed their dividend calendars. Especially Unilever is a core holding for many Dutch investors. And many of us jumped on the Unilever sale offer last weeks to grap some additional shares. I am really looking forward to next month!

Wil je ook in de Dutch Dividend Blogger serie worden opgenomen? Goed idee! Laat dan een reactie achter en we nemen je mee in de volgende publicatie. Zorg svp dat je blog in de eerste twee weken van de maand is geplaatst.

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11 gedachten over “Dutch Dividend Bloggers – february 2021

  1. Great that you posted another one in this awesome series. Due to shifting payouts the month wasn’t as big as it could be but I think we will have a monster next month!

    Great work everybody!

  2. Hoewel ik wat groei heb toegevoegd aan mijn portfolio wil ik toch de komende tijd (nadat bij Cash is aangevuld) het dividend gaan pushen om mijn bijdrage te leveren voor het maanddividend.

    Ik doe dit niet voor mijzelf, maar uiteraard voor jullie 🙂

    1. Wat nobel van je! Je helpt ons het meeste door de extra moddervette dividendbetalers te kopen. Bedrijven als AT&T, olie en tabak komen het meest in aanmerking. Vergeet de balans, kijk niet naar seculiere trends, denk aan het grotere doel: maximale dividendinkomsten voor ons als bloggers. Wij steunen je!

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